Tooth decay can cause heart diseases and arthritis

Tooth decay can cause heart diseases and arthritis

When we look at our teeth we usually think about how we look but we don’t think about our health. However, doctors warn that bad breath and tooth decay can be related to heart diseases, miscarriage, arthritis and other diseases.

Parodontosis causes inflammation. The first signs of it are bleeding gums and bad breath. Later on it can even cause tooth loss. Parodontosis is more common among older people since they produce less saliva. The risk group also includes smokers, diabetics and pregnant women.

Austrian researchers have investigated that women that have bad mouth hygiene have more problems to get pregnant comparing to women who regularly brush their teeth and visit their dentist. Experts believe that parodotosis negatively affects uterus.

Parodontosis also makes your body produce more amyloidotic plaques which cause arthritis. It is also resposable for the respiratory tract diseases.

Once bacteria of parodotosis gets into our blood, it reaches all organs including the most important one – our heart. Experts warn that those who do not brush their teeth regularly can even have heart diseases, especially coronary heart disease.



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