Top 3 healthiest foods in summer

Top 3 healthiest foods in summer

Summer is the best time to get all vitamins we need directly from the food. It’s the best time to enjoy glowing hair and skin.

Strawberries. They contain coenzyme Q10 that is great for your skin. It also accelerates your metabolism so you can even lose weight eating strawberries. Basically it’s a vital vitamin and its great that oyu can get it eating tasty berries.

Oranges. These are great antioxidants that perfectly cleanse your skin and regenerate your cells. Oranges perfectly regulate blood pressure. One medium orange has about 60 mg of vitamin c which is considered to be the most important antioxidant.

Blueberries. Do you want to be healthy and strong? Enjoy blueberries every single day. They are a perfect choice for everyone who wants to have a good vision, healthy body and beautiful shape. Blueberries also help to lose weight so if that is one of your goals, these berries are a great snack in between your main meals.



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