Top 5 food additives

Top 5 food additives

Foods that contain additives marked with letter E scares everyone. However, be aware that “E” is not necessarily bad

E322 (lecithin)

This is a substances often used to combine water and fat. Lecithin can be made from eggs or soy. You can find it in margarine, mayonnaise, ice cream, chocolate, bakery products, biscuits. It’s nutritious and non-toxic. Lecithin is used to improve brain functioning.

E300 (acorbic acid)

It’s a natural antioxidant that prevents food from getting sour. You can find it in baked and canned products, dried potatotes, milk powder, concentrated fruit juice, baby food. In other words ascorbic acid is vitamin C which everybody knows about. It’s safe to use and healthy.

E967 (xylitol)

It’s an artificial sweetened that is made from birch trees. Xylitol has a mild taste of mint. It can be found in chewing gum, breath fresheners. Researches have shown that xylitol destroys bacteria that cause tooth decay.

E306 (vitamin E)

It’s a natural antioxidant that is made from soy beans, sprouted grains and cotton seeds. It can be found in mayonnaise, margarine, sausages and various desserts. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that melts in fat. It helps to reduce a risk of cancer and heart diseases. It’s hard to get a recommended dose of vitamin E with food, so nutritionists recommend to take it as a supplement.

E101 (riboflavin)

This is a natural color agent. Riboflavin can be found in various sauces, cheese, soft drinks. Riboflavin or vitamin B is an important nutrient that is safe and healthy to use.



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