Try using chocolate for your beauty!

Try using chocolate for your beauty!

It may sound strange but chocolate is a wonderful tool in cosmetics. It stimulates blood circulation and prevents various skin diseases and imperfections. In addition, chocolate is one of the most effective
products to combat obesity and cellulite: caffeine stimulates fat-burning processes and the skin becomes smooth and soft because of it.

Chocolate mask
Chocolate contains cocoa butter which moisturizes the skin, softens, rejuvenates, smoothes it and gives some shine. To make a mask, heat the chocolate (you can also dissolve it in a steam bath) and apply on your face. This simple mask will perfectly purify your skin, makes your pigmentation spots paler and will also reduce acne! In addition, some substances found in chocolate stimulate biochemical processes in the skin making it lifted the skin without a scalpel! It should be noted that chocolate is rich in trace elements: copper, iron, magnesium, that are necessary for nourishing your skin.

Chocolate bath
After spending some time in a chocolate bath soon you will notice that your skin became softer. Besides, your mood will also be improved significantly, so prepare yourself a chocolate bath. Of course, you can make this in a beauty salon, but remember that you have all opportunities in your home. Purchase some cocoa powder. The powder should be completely natural, without any sugar and additional flavors, so look for it at pharmacy or a special chocolate shop. Dissolve cocoa powder in a warm bath additionally (you can also add some vanilla extract) and spend 15-20 minutes in such water. This royal bath will make your skin silky and soon you will feel a complete relaxation.

Chocolate wrappings
This is one of the newest and perhaps one of the most pleasurable beauty treatments which has become popular for its results – the better looking body shapes and the minimized cellulite. In the beauty salon this procedure costs quite a lot, but you can make it for yourself at home. Before wrapping your body in the chocolate, it is necessary to make a gentle peeling for your skin. When the problem areas (or whole body) are soft, apply your body with a thin layer of melted dark chocolate and wrap it into a film. All you need to do now is just lie down and relax for 30 minutes. Then take a shower and feel
your skin soft and smooth.


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