Trying to burn more calories? Spend time in cold weather!

Trying to burn more calories? Spend time in cold weather!

According to the new study, we should stay more time in cooler temperature because it helps us to burn calories. The cooler temperature is in the room, the more efficiently our body starts burning the calories. Of course, that leads to more successful weight drop!

Canadian researchers have recently published their findings that when a person lives in a lower temperature (the temperature should be cool but still, shouldn’t make us tremble of frost), he effectively activates brown adipose tissues (or brown fat) and begins to burn calories. The primary function of BAT is to generate body heat in animals or newborns so that they do not shiver. When giving their comments on the results of the study, researchers claimed that it was found that within three hours of spending in a cool temperature, human’s body manages to get rid of about 250 extra calories. These results also help to explain why some people are more resistant to cold than others – they simply have more brown adipose tissue. It is necessary to talk about the difference between brown adipose tissue and white adipose tissue. In medicine, brown adipose tissue is also called the “good fat” because it burns calories, but does not accumulate it. One of the key features of brown adipose tissue is heat production.

Since adults can’t find lots of this good fat tissue in humans’ body, scientists have started to look for the ways how they could activate it. However, staying half-naked is not recommended. They claim that they are still in doubt whether it’s a good idea to activate this adipose tissue or not and claim that it’s still early to start using cold therapy to combat the obesity.


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