Use cinnamon in moderation

Use cinnamon in moderation

When Christmas is coming, cinnamon becomes one of the most frequently used spices. Cinnamon spice is obtained from the inner rind of Cinnamomum tree. It can be used both for sweet and sour dishes. Some species of cinnamon, for example Cassia cinnamon or cinamonum aromaticum , also called Chinese cinnamon contain bigger concentrations of coumarin.

Synthetic coumarin is used in cosmetics. It smells like fresh hay. Coumarin is also used in medicine to treat edema. Isolated coumarin can be added to food.

Ceylon cinnamon contains relatively small amounts of coumarin, however, Chinese cinnamon contains much higher concentration of coumarin. Even small amounts of coumarin can damage liver.

It’s almost impossible for the users to distinguish Ceylon cinnamon from Chinese one, when they are in the form of powder, but both species can be distinguished if they are in a stick form. Chinese cinnamon has quite a thick layer of peel and Ceylon cinnamon reminds of a cigarete – a few thin layers of skin are wrapped into a cinnamon stick. Besides, you can always find the origin of the cinnamon on the label.

Those who have consumed large quantities of cinnamon previously shouldn’t worry too much that they might suffer long-term liver damage. Those people who had low or moderate liver inflammation caused by coumarin got well after several weeks of treatment using medications.

During the Christmas time, make sure you eat not too many foods containing cinnamon, particulary cinnamon biscuits, rice pudding with cinnamon, etc. Children are advised to have 3 cinnamon biscuits per day, while adults can have 15.



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