Vegetarian diet makes people happy

Vegetarian diet makes people happy

According to American nutritionists, vegetarian diet protects people from stress and boosts their mood. The researchers have made an experiment where they divided all the participants into three groups. The first group was eating meat and fish every day, the second group ate fish 3-4 times per week and the third group was eating only vegetarian food. At the end of the experiment it turned out that those who were eating vegetarian food, had much better mood than the ones who ate meat and fish.

The researchers explain that meat and fish contain arachidic acid which affect emotional state of human beings. This acid belongs to omega 3 fatty acids group. According to available data, the changes in our brain that arachidic acid causes, makes our mood worse and we feel more depressed, get frustrated quicker and we find it harder to cope with stress.

The experts also found that in two weeks after a transition to a vegetarian diet, the amount of arachidic acid significantly reduces. The researchers decided that they managed to prove that vegetarian diet has a huge effect on people’s mood.




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