Vitamin B6 prevents chronic inflammatory diseases

Vitamin B6 prevents chronic inflammatory diseases

According to USA medicine experts, the deficiency of vitamin B 6 provokes chronic inflammatory diseases. If a person is briefly inflamed, then it means that his immunity actively fights against the infection and that’s okay. However, long-term chronic inflammation cases increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and the second type of diabetes. The results of this study, which has included almost 2300 people, were published in the Journal of Nutrition.

Trying to reveal the relationship between the chronic inflammation and the B 6 vitamin, experts have compared the performance of this vitamin with 13 different indicators usually causing inflammation. As a result it was revealed that the general characteristics of chronic inflammation resulted in people with the lowest vitamin B 6 level in their blood. And on the contrary, those who had the high index of this vitamin suffered only from a slight inflammation. However, Taft University (USA) researchers argue that it is too early to recommend something and urge people to start taking vitamin B6 supplements.

The best what can be recommended by doctors is making sure you are on a balanced diet instead of going straight away to the pharmacies and buying food supplements, rich in vitamins. It is therefore good for your health to eat more meals with red peppers, potatoes and other vegetables. Besides, you can make sure you get enough amount of vitamin B 6 by including chicken breast and fish.

This vitamin is essential for the normal operation of more than 100 metabolic processes. With continued deficiency of this vitamin (make sure you get not less than 500 milligrams per day), your nerve system finds it difficult to walk, leads to weakness and tingling in different parts of the body.


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