Vitamin C is vital for renewal of the skin

Vitamin C is vital for renewal of the skin

We all know that our skin condition depends on what we eat, what kind of lifestyle we have and what skin care products we use. If you want to maintain skin radiance and vitality you should consume more vitamin C containing foods and supplements. Any skin care expert would say that vitamin C is essential if you want slow aging, look younger and feel better.

Vitamin C is essential to skin connective tissue. Remember that this vitamin dissolves easily in water and it can be eliminated from your body easily. That is why you should use lots of vitamin C. It also improves heart function, strengthens immune system, and speeds up wound heeling and regeneration of damaged tissues. It’s a vitamin fighting against wrinkles and preventing the aging.

Vitamin C is a necessary component to produce an important skin protein – collagen. If collagen is not produced, our skin becomes dim and slump. In order to simulate collagen production, use vitamin C, which will helps to maintain firmness and good structure of the skin.

In order to get a maximum amount of vitamin C, eat more colorful vegetables such as red paprika. A good source of vitamin C is green leafy vegetables: spinach, cabbage, lettuce. Don’t be afraid to consume more vitamin C. Studies have shown that higher doses of vitamin C are not harmful. It actually has good effect on our health. It’s impossible to overdoes vitamin C as it dissolves in water and your body can easily remove it. If you smoke or have skin problems, you should consume even more vitamin C.


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