Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Most of us ignore the fact about not getting enough vitamin D – vitamin based on the sun. We don’t care much for milk, orange juice or cereals that are good sources of this vitamin and spend all day inside our house and avoiding outdoors what stops our skin cells to produce a form of vitamin D. Besides, some of us don’t even think about taking vitamins and mineral supplements that contain vitamin D. 

If you are one of us, you should listen: getting enough of vitamin D is important because it has been admitted to be one of super nutrients helping in:

1. Preventing depression: psychologists say that vitamin D helps to fight against depression and may even eliminate unpleasant seasonal mood.

2. Lowering risks of heart disease: according to various researches made, vitamin D has been connected with elimination of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

3. Keeping our bones strong: vitamin D helps them absorb calcium what prevents osteoporosis.

4. Protecting against cancer: studies have shown that vitamin D lowers the risk of breast, prostate and other types of cancer.

5. Controlling your weight: according to some studies, those who have overweight, tend to be lacking of vitamin D. Additionally, after they have started to use vitamin D supplements, their weight loss process was boosted.

So, in order to increase vitamin D level in your body, increase the intake of foods, such as milk, soymilk and fortified cereals. Besides, you can find it in fatty fish, like mackerel, salmon or sardines and in egg yolks. Besides, if you have decided to start using supplements of vitamin D, nutritionists offer trying to eat more foods mentioned above.

However, you must be sure that you are not overdosing this vitamin. This may lead you to kidney stones, bone loss, weakness, weak bones, anorexia, nausea or vomiting.



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