Wanna have a nice body? Eat breakfast!

Wanna have a nice body? Eat breakfast!

There is a saying “Eat breakfast on your own, share lunch with a friend and give you dinner to your enemy”. In fact, your shape depends not only what you eat but also when you eat.

Probably everybody experienced eating a lot in the evening, on weekends or holidays and everybody knows that this harms your shape very badly. The secret lays in morning optimism. The point is that many people don’t mind eating little in order to lose weight. The point is that many of us have very poor breakfast or don’t have it at all. This becomes the main reason of overeating at night. Scientists even made calculations and found out that the sense of hunger is increasing every hour and the efficiency of food drops in 1.7 per cent.

The results of the same research have shown that the healthiest breakfast you have in the morning the less you’re going to eat at night. For this reason you should choose oatmeal or a sandwich with full grain bread and so on. During lunch time the hunger becomes even stronger so we want to eat. At night, most of us allow ourselves everything so they relax and get some desserts.

This is a fault of hunger hormone ghrelin. It is impossible to fight against the feeling of hunger. You can reduce it, but anyway your body will wait for more calories to get. So researchers advise eating more at the first part of the day and less at night. If you want to control this hormone, you should start eating healthy and make sure you get all vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates.



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