We need fat food!

We need fat food!

During the winter period, we all start unnoticeably using more fat because they help for our bodies to defend against the cold. However, we have already heard so many threatening facts about fat that most of us have even started to avoid using food containing them! On one side, it’s right because if not burned out, fat are considered to be the main cause of overweight and are blamed for the heart and vascular diseases.

On the other side, there is no need avoiding fat, only their daily intake should not exceed 30 percent in your ration. Remember, more than a half of them should be the ones got from vegetables because they do not contain cholesterol which contacts blood vessels and have much less saturated fatty acids.

So, it is really worth eating a pinch of sunflower seeds, few nuts, avocado or some olives instead of a deep-fried steak.

Avocado (100g – 220 calories) and olives (100g – 270 calories) are just some of fat fruits that can be found in our stores. Olives is an excellent antioxidant, vitamin E source that regulates your blood cholesterol level, while avocado enhances body’s ability to absorb potent carotenoids that prevent various diseases. You shouldn’t forget fish. Fatty fish such as salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids that cannot be made by our bodies but are very important in prevention of heart or mental health problems. For snacking, you should choose almond or other nuts because they are full of heart-healthy kind fat and also contain an array of beneficial nutrients, including vitamin E, zinc and lots of fiber.


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