10 simple tips to help you get rid of unwanted weight

10 simple tips to help you get rid of unwanted weight
  1. Add rather than subtract. Instead of restricting yourself, try to include healthy products that you like to your diet. Add your favorite berries for your breakfast, eat your favorite fruits for lunch and don’t forget about seasonal vegetables that are great to add to your soups and stews. Of course, it is important to go easy and calculate daily calorie intake.
  2. Forget tiring workouts. Sport is not necessarily lifting weights or jogging on a treadmill. Try to burn calories just by moving more. Walk with your dog on a sunny day, ride a bike, play in the snow with your children in winter time, choose the stairs instead of elevator and so on.
  3. Walk more. Even a five minute intensive walk is already great. If you use public transportation, get off one or two stops before your stop, and if you have your own car, leave it in a garage more often and walk instead when the distance is not too long.
  4. Make your favorite products less fat. Let’s say, if you really like cream, try to replace it with a natural fat free yogurt. Favorite soft drinks can be replaced with freshly squeezed juice. If you are a wine lover, drink white one diluted with water. If you like to drink beer, choose light one that has the least calories.
  5. Drink plenty of water. Before eating drink at least a glass of water – you will feel less hungry and eat less. You can flavor your water with lemon, mint leaves, orange slices or other favorite fruit or berries. Of course, do not exaggerate. Too large amount of water is not good for your kidneys.
  6. Share. Share a piece of cake, or even the main meal in the restaurant with another person. In this way, not only you will eat less, but also your will save a lot of money. Also start exercising with a partner. Psychologists say that when a person wants to grow somewhere, better results are achieved when a person works with somebody else.
  7. Crank some music. Instead of sitting on the couch, turn on your favorite song and dance. It is important to move as much as possible and dancing will improve your mood.
  8. Pay attention to the size of your dishes. If you eat a smaller portion in a large plate, you will not feel full. Choose smaller plates. This gives the impression that you have a greater portion.
  9. Find more activities. Many snack out of boredom, when there is nothing to do. When we are busy, you will not even feel hungry that much. Try to find activities that you like. Mybe it’s yoga, painting, playing a musical instrument or just reading books?
  10. Be patient. Weight does not drop in one day. In the beginning it will be difficult, but keep in mind that you will reach your goal if you really try hard. Watch your weight. Decreasing number on the scale will be a great incentive not to give up.

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