13 tricks that will help you to kill hunger

13 tricks that will help you to kill hunger

You want to feel full and eat less? Try these tips:

  1. Eat oatmeal for breakfast;
  2. Snack unsalted almonds;
  3. Eat some salad before eating the main dish;
  4. Eat eggs for breakfast. This will help you to consume less calories throughout the day;
  5. Eat more fresh vegetables;
  6. Drink a lot of water;
  7. Eat an apple before your meals;
  8. At a fruit with a slice of whole grain bread for a snack;
  9. Eat more cauliflower;
  10. Eat some natural yogurt to kill hunger;
  11. Snack fresh carrots;
  12. Eat beans. They are digested slower than other high-protein foods;
  13. Popcorn is a great, low-calorie, but satisfying snack.

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