3 reasons why you cannot lose weight

3 reasons why you cannot lose weight

Eating healthy seems so confusing sometimes. We can assume that we eat healthy, but in fact we may be making a lot of mistakes which lead to extra kilograms. So what should we change in our daily routine?

Are you exercising, but you do not take care of your nutrition?

Most probably you heard that only sport will not work. You must take into account your diet too, which makes 80 percent of your success in losing weight. Studies reveal that the increase in activity leads to growing appetite, so we consume more calories. That means that even if we work out, we may still burn insufficient amount of calories, therefore the weight continues to grow.

Sugar, sugar, sugar!

Although in the morning it is great to have some complex carbohydrate, sweet coffee with cream, flakes with caramel or jam certainly will not help you to lose weight. Don’t forget that you need to get useful substances. Try starting your day with some protein that helps to get rid of the weight, and resist snacks later.

Do you feel hungry when you are on a diet

Hunger is not the most pleasant feeling. One thing that can happen is overeating, you may also feel fatigue, apathy, a need to eat something sweet. The more weight you lose, the stronger these signals become and the more you want to eat. To stop that, make sure your diet is rich in protein and good fat, to keep your sugar levels balanced.


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