4 beverages for better shape

4 beverages for better shape

If you want to lose weight, you should take care not only of what you are eating, but also of what you are drinking. Here are 4 beverages that we recommend if you want to get rid of extra kilos.

Ginger tea. If you mix you favorite tea leaves with ginger, this combination will help you to get rid of accumulations of fat. This tea tones your body, speeds up metabolism, burns fat and helps to remove excess liquids from the body.

Fresh lemon juice. It is recommended to dilute it with water and add some honey. This drink is a great source of antioxidants that helps to use fat for energy production. Keep in mind that this beverage has quite many calories, so you shouldn’t drink more than 2 glasses of it per day. The best time to drink it is in the morning, before working out or doing some slimming treatments.

Vegetable juice. Compared to fruit juice, vegetable juice has more calories and they are also rich in vitamins, minerals and flavanoids. It increases metabolism and helps to remove excess fluids. It especially useful to make celery, tomato, pumpkin and carrot juice. If you think it’s too thick, you can mix it with water.

Milk . Due to the special structure of milk protein it provides long- lasting feeling of satiety and also reduces cravings for sweets . It promotes fat burning, but only if you drink it moderate amounts ! In other words, 18 % fat cottage cheese will not help lose weight, 9% – either. Milk should contain not more than 3.5 % of fat.


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