5 most effective diets for incredible results

5 most effective diets for incredible results

Women only follow those diets that promise the best results, because all they want is to lose weight quickly and without much effort. Here are 5 most efficient diets that will help you to see results very quickly.

1. Paleo diet offers to take a look into the past and eat as our ancestors used to eat. In other words you have to refuse products that did not exist in those days in those days: bread and other baked goods, as well as potatoes, salt, spices, etc. You should eat products rich in protein and reduce the amount of carbohydrates. Basically you will have to eat meat and vegetables.

2. Juice cleanse won an honorable place in the list too. Its author has created some “juice therapies”, which differ in their duration. Basically, you will have to drink only freshly squeezed juice. You cannot eat any solid food, so your digestive system would not overload and the juice could effectively remove toxins from your body.

3. Mediterranean diet has been very successful all around the world. In accordance with the Mediterranean diet, you have to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, legumes, cereals and fish. You can also drink a bit of wine. Mediterranean diet plan consists of the following products: fresh vegetables (especially beans and other legumes, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onions, eggplant, zucchini), fruits (apples, pears, berries, oranges, lemons), nuts, olive oil, rice, cereals, aromatic herbs and spices, pasta, bread, fish, poultry, eggs, yogurt, white cheese. You can also eat a very little of red meat and sweets. At lunch, you can have a glass of wine. This diet reduces hunger and improves your metabolism.

4. Master cleanse is similar to cleansing juice diet. For 10 days you will only be able to drink special cocktails, such as the lemon juice, maple syrup and black pepper. Do not follow this diet for longer than 10 days.

5. Ketogenic diet offers to minimize the amount of carbohydrates and replace them with fat. In fact, this diet was designed for children suffering from epilepsy. 80% of the food you eat should be fat. In this way, your body begins to break down fats instead of carbohydrates (which is basically a source of energy).


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