5 products that you should forget if you want to be healthy and slim

5 products that you should forget if you want to be healthy and slim
  1. Foods fried in oil. If you often eat French fires and other foods fried in oil, you can forget about beautiful body shape and healthy heart. Frying in oil is perhaps the most unhealthy method of cooking.
    Tip. Before frying your food, steam it or process in other way. Then you can quickly fry it in a bit of oil.
  2. White bread. It is quickly digestible and it doesn’t clean your intestinal walls like whole grain bread. White bread has no useful nutrients at all.
    Tip. Replace it with whole grain bread.
  3. Margarine. It contains trans-fatty acids which can harm human body. Margarine reduces the good cholesterol and increases the bad one.
    Tip. Eat simple butter instead of margarine. Although it has more calories, it is much healthier. Just make sure you don’t eat too much of it.
  4. White rice. Do you still eat white rice? Unfortunately, it has no fiber, no vitamin B and it increases sugar level in the blood.
    Tip. Replace white rice with brown rice.
  5. White sugar. Did you know that white sugar aggravates activity of white blood cells? This means that sugar negatively affects the immune system, because the white blood cells are responsible for it. Sugar not only damages your teeth, but also increases the volume of your stomach and impairs the immune system.
    Tip. If you want something sweet, you can eat a piece of dark chocolate or some fruits.

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