8 foods that burn fat

8 foods that burn fat

Eggs. Egg yolks contain vitamin B12, which helps the body to burn fat. In addition, eggs provide a feeling of satiety, so you will not have that strong desire to eat anything you see.

Avocados. It is full of good appetite suppressants and L-carnitine – an amino acid, which improves metabolism.

Peanut butter. This desert is rich in magnesium, which stimulates cells to expend energy efficiently.

Beef burger. 90 percent of this dish is lean beef, in other words, pure protein. To burn protein our body consumes more energy than fat or carbohydrates.

Pickled cucumbers. Medium size pickled cucumber has only seven calories. So in order to digest this vegetable our body will absorb more calories than it got from it.

Green tea. Not only it has fat-burning catechins, but also a caffeine, which accelerates the metabolism.

Yogurt. Plain yogurt (without sweeteners) is rich in probiotics which are beneficial bacteria that improve digestion and reduce the assimilated fat.

Quinoa. Quinoa seeds is a real protein bomb, because the body requires a serious effort to digested them, that means it will burn more calories.


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