Celery juice for losing weight and strengthening your health

Celery juice for losing weight and strengthening your health

Celery helps not only to lose weight, but also improves the work of heart and blood vessels, as well as your nervous system.

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks used celery as a food and in ceremonies. Celery was also known as an aphrodisiac. Today, nutritionists and especially vegetarians  praise and recommend to use celery as often as possible .

Celery has a lot of vitamin K which is responsible for blood clotting. Other vitamins found in celery are vitamin A , C and B9 . Celery root has an essential oil, starch, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus  and sodium salts, amino acids, vitamins C , PP and B group vitamins.
Modern medicine claims that celery juice enhances tone, improves  appetite, it has antioxidant , diuretic and laxative properties. Freshly chopped celery leaves or celery oil is used to treat skin diseases  and septic wounds. Celery is also used to treat kidney diseases, allergies, hives and dermatitis.

Celery juice is great for elderly people as it rejuvenates  body, strengthens bones, prevents atherosclerosis, heal central nervous system , insomnia, neurosis and obesity.


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