Effective 3 day salad diet

Effective 3 day salad diet

Do you need to lose few pounds quickly? Here is an effective 3 day salad diet that is a great solution for everyone who want to lose weight.

Warning about a diet. You must drink lots of fluids during this diet: pure water, green and black tea. It is recommended to refuse salt and extra fat. If you don’t feel good, you should stop this diet immediately. It is strictly forbidden to people who suffer from some chronic diseases, diabetes or bowel diseases.

Day 1. Carrot salad. on the first day you can only eat carrots. You can boil them, fry, steam or eat raw carrots. Prepare your salad with some olive oil or lemon juice. It is strictly forbidden to add mayonnaise, salt, pepper or sour cream. You have to eat 1.5 kilo of carrots. Devide it into 6-7 portions and eat them throughout the day.

Day 2. Green salad. you can eat as much as you want of green salad throughout the day. You can add olive oil to the salad, but not more than 15 ml. you can also add lemon juice or white wine sauce. Just like during the first day, eat 6-7 servings per day.

Day 3. Beet salad. The best option is boiled beets. Avoid adding salt or other spices. Beets cleanse your stomach, prevent against gastritis and other digestive diseases. They also make your skin and hair more beautiful.

If you think this diet is too difficult for you, you can sometimes add some shrimps, paprika, fish or chicken.


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