French fries. Number one enemy for those who want to lose weight

French fries. Number one enemy for those who want to lose weight

Not bacon, not chocolate or a slice of pie have such a bad effect as one vegetable that you can find in so many dishes. We are talking about potato. Potatoes, especial fired ones are considered to be an evil of fast food restaurants. This was the conclusion made by dieticians of Harvard University.

More than 120 thousand people have participated in a study. All patients have been medically examined every four years for 20 years in total. At the beginning of the experiment, none of the participants had overweight.

As the results have showed, every person was gaining 1.5 kilogram on average every 4 years. In 20 years they have gained 8 kilograms on average! The results showed that those who regularly ate French fries, potato chips, porridge, meat, bread, and drank sugary drinks, have gained significantly more than the other participants of the experiment. And French fries were the greatest enemy of everybody.

One serving of this harmful treat every day adds 1.5 kilogram of weight every 4 years! For comparison: potato chips add 771 gram of weight per 4 years, sweet drinks – 453 grams, desserts – about 190 grams of weight per 4 years.


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