How to balance your diet and feel better?

How to balance your diet and feel better?

Losing weight does not mean not eating anything or eating very little. It is important to choose the correct products, as well as to balance your diet, rather than experiment with diets. Here are the main tips for those who want to lose weight.

1. Give up “fast carbs”. Remove from your diet these four products:
* Sugar;
* Pastries;
* Potatoes ;
* Milled white rice.

2. Do not starve. The body does not know why you are fasting, and it starts to accumulate fat and “save” calories. Do not give your body a reason to store fat. Eat when you are hungry, and choose low-calorie products.

3. Eat a lot of vegetables. They are low in calories and rich in nutrients.

4. Do not try to lose weight quickly – it is impossible. Those people who have managed to lose weight for a long term took months. Everything that comes out fast, goes away even faster. After all, life does not end tomorrow, do not rush.

5. If you allow yourself to eat bread, it must be the only whole grain.

6, Forget about huge and heavy dinner. If you allow yourself a piece of chocolate or a piece cake, eat them in the first half of the day. This way you will have time to burn the calories.

7. Instead of mayonnaise and other fat sauces in your salad, use lemon juice.

8. Do not forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even very busy people should find time for breakfast.


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