How to lose weight more efficiently?

How to lose weight more efficiently?

Many women go to extremes when it comes to losing weight. However, you should be smart an wise is you don’t want to damage your health and destroy your mood.

Less fats. Your body will get angry if it finds out that you are reducing portions of food. However, you can trick it. Start eating 5 or even 7 times per day in very little portions. Make sure your stomach always have so activity. The food has to be healthy and with as little fat as possible. Choose baking, boiling and steaming instead of frying.

Less sweets. If you want to have snacks, instead of getting another piece of chocolate, start eating nuts, berries, fruits and vegetables.

Less ready-to cook products. If you want to be proud of your body, start cooking. It is very hard to find healthy and nutritious ready-to-cook products.

Less carbohydrates. Many of us cannot imagine a day without potatoes, pasta or sweets, which are not only tasty, but also raise your mood. However, you should remember that carbohydrates are a bomb of calories.

Less salt. Despite the fact that it makes our food taste better we should not forget that salt is not healthy. Salt also increase the amount of salt levels in the blood and it can cause many dangerous diseases.


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