How to lose weight without refusing sweets?

How to lose weight without refusing sweets?

Almost everybody likes sweets. However, if you want to lose weight, it is recommended to refuse a lot of sweets. But does it mean you have to refuse them completely? Here are some tips for those who want to lose weight but still have a need of eating something sweet.

Control how many sweets you eat. If you take a lot of conventional carbohydrates, you risk exceeding caloric intake without noticing it. For example, 100 grams of white sugar has 99.8 g of conventional carbohydrates, and has no protein or fat. It contains 379 calories!

Avoid products with a ‘hidden’ sugar. It’s a shame, but it’s true: most of the ordinary products we eat are sweetened (for example, cereals, diet bars, yogurts, juices, sauces, beer, liquor, smoked meat products etc.). Read the labels more carefully. A glass of fizzy drink can have as much as 6-8 teaspoons of sugar!

Add more complex carbohydrates to your diet (for example, beans, whole grain bread, bran, buckwheat, oats, rice, vegetables etc.). If you always want to eat something sweet, then you get too little of these carbohydrates. These products support normal sugar level in the blood and does not allow it to jump.

About 50% of your diet should be complex carbohydrates. Products that contain starch are the best choice in the morning or in the middle of the day. Eat your porridge and bread for breakfast.

Replace sugar with honey. It has a lot of minerals, organic acids, vitamins and provides energy for a long time. Honey also protects against colds and strengthens the immune system. Mix honey with nuts and you will have a very tasty and useful dessert.

Eat fresh and dried fruits for your dessert. You can eat them alone or make smoothies, juice, etc.

Choose chocolate with more cocoa. It suppresses hunger and is much more useful. 25 g of dark chocolate per day will not damage your shape.


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