How to lose weight without starving?

How to lose weight without starving?

Are you committed to get in an excellent shape this year and get rid of a few extra kilos? Unfortunately, the way to achieve your dream body is not always easy. It becomes particularly difficult when you use all you power, but the results still don’t meet your expectations. Quick diets will not provide long-term results. Besides, they can be very harmful for your health. So, is there a reliable way to get rid of extra weight? Here are some tips for you.

Do not starve!

Some of the biggest mistakes when it comes to dieting are single product diets and fasting. Usually people who try that fail big time. As a result, they finally get all the weight back, their metabolism slows down and your body goes into a power saving mode. Instead of fasting, you should start eating healthy. This won’t be as quick way of losing weight, but at least you will be sure you will not harm your health and lose weight for long-term

The power of protein for weight control

When you are on diet your body gets less food, so it does not receive all valuable macronutrients and micronutrients. It is especially dangerous to limit the amount of protein, because it is the main construction material of your body and it is necessary to maintain normal metabolism. During the day a man has to get up to 80 grams of protein. And to achieve this, you should eat at least eight eggs every day. However, it is not easy to get this much of protein with your food.

Functional foods are a new trend that is recommended by nutritionists around the world. There are rich in vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids, in addition, they contain a minimum amount of calories. For example, protein shake is a tasty option to replace the whole meal. Protein shakes help to reduce and control weight without feeling hungry. They also helps to ensure your body get all necessary nutrients.


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