Interesting facts about dieting

Interesting facts about dieting

Do you want to lose weight? We have selected a few interesting facts about diets that are really useful.

Eating after 6 p.m. is not prohibited. It is not that important what time of the day you eat. Much more important is food quantities, calories and your physical activity during the day. This is what leads to losing some weight or gaining it. On the other hand, if you eat just before going to bed, you can expect to get a few extra kilos.
There are no “zero” calories. You’ve probably heard about low-calorie products, which are difficult to digest (celery, citrus fruits, etc.). It is claimed that body consumes more calories to digest these products than the products have by themselves. Unfortunately, this is not true. During digestion we burn very small amount of calories, even smaller that the products have

“Liquid” calories are also important. When you are on a diet, you are probably carefully counting what you eat during the day, how many calories you burn and how many you get. But are you sure you don’t forget to count and a cup of coffee, a cocktail or a carbonated drink? For example, a sweet carbonated drink can have up to 500-1000 calories, a standard cup of coffee with milk and cream – 260 calories, and the standard “Margarita” – 500 calories! If your diet is limited to 1200-1500 calories a day, opt out of such drinks and choose water and green tea instead.

Have your dessert for lunch. Do you want a piece of cake or an ice-cream? Treat yourself once a week, for instance, on Sunday. Go to a cafe or a restaurant and eat your favorite dessert. Just make sure you do it at lunch. Do not eat such foods in the evening.
Diet drinks promote weight gain. Scientists cannot explain completely why this is so, but the fact is clear: the lovers of carbonated diet drinks gain more weight and faster than those who drink regular sugary soda (or do not drink it at all). Some blame artificial sweeteners, which are found in all dietary carbonated soft drinks.


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