The main reasons why you are not succeeding in losing weight

The main reasons why you are not succeeding in losing weight

A lot of people are trying to diet, exercise, but the results are not always encouraging, and the weight is still coming back. Do you know the reasons why you are not succeed in losing weight effectively? Here are the main ones.

Ignoring how many calories you consume. Calorie counting is may look like a tedious thing, at first glance, and you may think it requires a lot of knowledge. However, if you start calculating your calorie intake, you will learn about it very quickly and you will easily be able to adjust your diet.

Eating from large plates. Studies show that those who eat from large plates tend to consume significantly more food and overeat more often.

Shopping without a list. Make at least a rough diet plan for a week and to purchase only products from this list. Not only you will save money, but, most importantly you will not buy any junk food.

Lack of nutrition plan. There is a wide variety of systems and at least a few of them are worth trying. This way you will discover the most suitable one for you. If you set a time to eat and adjuste portion sizes, you will manage to control your hunger and stop overeating.

Liquid calories. Probably everyone knows that carbonated soft drinks are very high in sugar. You should also know about sugar in energy drinks, sweet juice and various dairy beverages. Be sure to read the labels and buy drinks that do not contain sugar overload!

Distraction while eating. Studies have revealed that people who eat and have extra activities at the same time tend to consume more food and chew it worse. They also get a feeling of satiety much later than those who concentrate only on eating.

Poor physical activity. It goes without saying that playing sports burn calories, but studies also show that sport helps to regulate hunger. Physically active people rarely snack, they overeat less often and their appetite is easier to control. Make time for sports! Choose a form of exercising that is fun for you. You can swim, dance, ride a bike, take a walk, etc.


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