The secret of slim waistline

The secret of slim waistline

It is better to eat more frequent, but less than less often and more. This is a rule recommended by American investigators. Are you one of those people who do not eat anything all day long? Did you know that the calories you will consume in the evening will have twice bigger impact on your waistline? Remember this rule and start snacking every few hours.

Researchers from the University of California (United States) said that eating frequently helps you to feel full and prevents overeating, which can immediately change you body shape. According to researchers, if you eat often in small portions, the probability to feel savage hunger and overeat will be significantly reduced.

Researchers were investigating girls from 9 to 10 years for 10 years (until they turned 20), and followed their eating habits, height, weight and waist changes. The results showed that the girls who rarely snack between main meals, weighed more when they turned 19. Those girls who ate 6 times a day, had a 1 point lower BMI (body mass index, weight and height ratio) than those who were eating 3 times a day or even less often.

Eating frequently also had an impact on their waistline. Girls who were eating more often had approximately 2.5 centimeters smaller waist that those who were eating less often. The researchers took into account such factors as girls’ health, lifestyle, the level of physical activity, etc.


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