Tips and tricks that will help you to eat less

Tips and tricks that will help you to eat less

Light. If you are having your dinner in the candle light, it is very likely that you will eat more. Dusk relaxes, so you may lose control and eat more than you should.

Irritants. When you are eating, concentrate only on your food. Your mobile phone, TV, books and newspapers shouldn’t be included to your breakfast, lunch or dinner.  These are serious irritants that will distract you. If you are eating while watching a movie, you will concentrate on the movie more than on your food and soon you will feel hungry again.

Dishes. Get smaller plates. This way you will make the portions of your food smaller. Smaller plates will make you think that you are eating more, because you will be able to fill your entire plate with food.

Colors. The colors of your plates are very important too. The researchers have found that blue color reduces the appetite and bright orange or red make you eat more. Do you know which color your plates should be now?

Brushing your teeth. Brush your teeth 30 minutes after eating your dinner. Fresh mouth will become a reflex and you will not want to eat after that. Try going to sleep before 11 p.m. as this is the time when your digestive processes are being stimulated, so there are big chances you will want to eat.


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