What is the best time to start a diet?

What is the best time to start a diet?

The phrase “I’ll start a diet from Monday” is well-known for everyone. But how effectively does that work? Unfortunately, you cannot change your body just by talking. However, beliefs do work very often. Is there a day of the week that is better to start a diet?

According to British researchers, everything depends not only on your will and how well you follow your diet, but also on the “correct” day of the week when you start your diet. The experiment has involved two thousand women. Those who have started diet in the middle of the week, couldn’t do everything 100% correct already before weekend. According to the research, you will get the best results if you star dieting at the beginning of the week.

Statistically, a British woman tries changing her nutrition three times a year. The most popular day to start a diet turned out to be Friday. However, the researchers claim that it is not the best choice. On Fridays, women are usually tired and they feel stressed. Besides, they have two days off, they are possibly meeting friends, so they have more chances to “fail” with their diet. Once they have a glass of wine or eat a piece of cake, they decide not to be on diet during weekend and start everything from Monday.

The main reason why women decide to ignore dieting and eat whatever is the banal boredom and doing nothing. When you have no goal, motivation and effort, you will most likely start gaining weight.


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