What should we eat before sleeping if we don’t want to gain weight?

What should we eat before sleeping if we don’t want to gain weight?

You probably know the feeling when it is already time to sleep, but you feel kind of hungry. U don’t eat a t all you will not be able to sleep. Sandwiches and similar snacks should wait until morning. You need much less calories before going to sleep. After all, the aim is not to eat a lot, the aim is to relief hunger.
1. A glass of low fat yogurt. You can get from 75 to 140 calories depending on how fat the yogurt is. This is probably the best choice.

2. Grapefruit . Tasty, healthy and no fats. It is even characterized as “negative” or “zero” product. It means that the body uses more calories to digest this product than it has by itself.

3. A piece of fresh pineapple . It is great to relieve hunger and low in calories. In addition, it is a great products that burns fat!

4. Apple. One apple will relieve your hunger, but more than one can make you even more hungry. So it is very important not to exaggerate.

5. A small handful of dried fruit. If you want something sweet, the best choice are a few pieces of dried apricots or plums.

6. A small handful of nuts. Although nuts contain many calories, a small portion of nuts can cope with hunger very well.


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