What to add to your water if you want to lose weight?

What to add to your water if you want to lose weight?

What is a miraculous drink that purifies our skin, improves digestion and increases metabolism. If you add certain products to your water, you will make it an effective drink that will increase your metabolism even more and help you to lose weight.

Citrus fruits. Add few slices of citrus fruits, like orange or lemon. Vitamin C will provide an effective distribution of fat. Nutritionists have noticed that citrus fruits and their color can energize and improve your mood significantly.

Cucumbers. Vitamins A and C as well as potassium clean all the toxins from our body and insure normal digestion processes. Add 6-8 slices of cucumber to a liter of water and enjoy it throughout the day.

Cayenne pepper. Spicy water may sound a little bit weird. However, cayenne pepper contain capsaicin which increases metabolism immediately and also suppresses your hunger. If you think such water is too much for you, also add some strawberries, smashed blueberries. Such combination will reduce the taste of pepper.


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