What are the rules of Le Forking diet?

What are the rules of Le Forking diet?

Instead of starting your diet every Monday and then forgetting it on the Thursday, French offer changing our attitude to food and following their eating rules. You can be sure that Vanessa Paradis, Marion Cotillard and Carla Bruni have no miraculous gene and are slim because of their eating rules that sometimes look quite scary. They not only keep an eye on their weight strictly but also drastically restrict their calories and count every bite they eat. They even at least once every three months try to eat nothing! However, it seems like there is no need to do that – you should simply follow a diet which is called „Le Forking“!

Le Forking diet, which was created by Ivan Gavriloff, won’t require you to reduce your calories’ intake drastically. The only meal you need to strictly control is your dinner and the only possible tool you are allowed to use then is a fork. Being confirmed by nutrition experts, this diet initiates a thought that most of the foods that can’t be eaten with a fork are full of fat or sugar.

According to Gavriloff, most of foods that must be cut off or spread with a knife, for example butter, meat and sausages (not mentioning them used in various sauces and side dishes) are full of fat and animal-origin proteins. This diet also makes its followers to refuse any food that you eat by hand, like pizza, burgers, nuts or bread.

Author says that this is not a moment diet, followed by gaining back everything you dropped. Le Forking can be called a way of life. Most of its followers claim that they managed to lose 2-2.5 kg every week and haven’t to abandon their normal social life. However, keep in mind that every diet should be followed after asking your doctor for advice.


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