What causes cellulite?

What causes cellulite?

I. Calories’ access and fat accumulation:

Nutrients containing fat and sugar promote fat accumulation on the thighs and buttocks. If diet is followed regularly, which helps to get rid of the fat from the upper part of the body, it may lead to their accumulation in the lower part of the body. Besides, diets that don’t prohibit the use of sugar and fat, increase the likelihood of accumulation of the fat in certain areas of the body, what initiates formation of the “pear-shaped figure;
Irregular eating, frequent snacks are the main reasons that make our body accumulate fat in the lower body.

II. Sugar:

Initially, the excess of sugar in the form of glycogen builds up in the liver but additionally fat start depositing on the lower part of the body; High demand for sugar appears because of the mechanism controlling blood sugar levels which is disrupted because of the excess of sugar. Additionally, weight starts to grow; Food ration, when fresh and natural products are lacking, causes blood sugar control micronutrient deficits (chromium, zinc, nickel and cobalt). Premenstrual period when women also start eating only sugary products is associated with hormonal changes and additional energy demand.

III. Alcohol:

It has much calories and it turns into fat very quickly.

IV. Water retention:

Water distribution depends on the potassium-sodium balance in our body and structural properties of proteins.

V. Synthetic food products: preservatives, pesticides.

VI. Allergic reactions to food and susceptibility to certain types of foods.

VII. Hormones:

Mostly during a puberty or pregnancy estrogen starts stimulating the accumulation of fat in the chest, thighs, buttocks; Progesterone (which is included in the composition of the contraceptive pills) may be the cause of water accumulation;

VIII. Pregnancy:

Characterized by an increased amount of estrogen and progesterone, it causes accumulation of the water; The process of pregnancy reduces the reserves of iodine in woman’s body and disrupts normal thyroid activity, which initiates growing body weight.

IX. Adrenaline and stress.


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