What do we know about cheese?

What do we know about cheese?

Cheese is one of the products that have numerous nutrients necessary for people. One of such nutritious ingredients is proteins that are irreplaceable. According to doctors, young people are recommended to consume about 150 grams of proteins per day. In addition, cheeses share A and B vitamins, Calcium, Phosphorus and amino acids necessary for the tissue growth. Eating cheese makes your bones stronger and will improve brain functions.

However, you shouldn’t forget that cheeses are very high not only in proteins but in fat as well, so you should them in moderation. It is recommended eating cheese for the breakfast or lunch and avoiding it in the dinner time because it is difficult to digest. Besides, it has lots of salt and saturated fatty acids that after being overdosed may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The most popular cheeses

Feta. This cheese is made from the sheep, goat or cow milk and has to be aged for three months. Hailing from Greece, has spicy and salty taste. Before eating feta cheese, some people recommend soaking it for a few minutes in milk or mineral water to get the softer taste. Feta cheese can be eaten with the bread, olives, together with pasta, chicken or seafood dishes. Besides, British researchers have found that feta cheese is a natural antibiotic.

Brinza. Though this cheese has a similar taste to feta, it hails from Romania. Brinza is made from the goat, sheep, buffalo and cow milk or their mixture.

Mozzarella. It’s home town is Italy. This cheese is made from pasteurized or unpasteurized cow or buffalo milk. It’s a young, wet, low in fat cheese. The authentic mozzarella cheese must be made from buffalo milk and produced only in the northern part of Italy. Using the original twisting and cutting technology, it remains fresh only for one day. Mozzarella cheese has a light yellow color, medium-hard and soft taste. This is a very creamy cheese because it contains from 56 to 68 percent of fat!

Camembert. Being produced from the eighteenth century, this cheese has still remained one of the most popular ones. This cheese is soft, salty and after the aging process (21 days) gets the slightly yellow color. Eaten in a French way, it should be paired with the white bread and the red Bordeaux wine.

Roquefort. This blue cheese which has an exclusively intensive aroma is made from the sheep’s milk. Nowadays, roquefort cheese is still matured naturally for at least four months in the small villages of France. This cheese is original, has a light cream taste and color with some blue grains. Eat this cheese with moderation because it has more than 50 percent of fat.


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