What do you choose for snacks?

What do you choose for snacks?

Everyone knows that choosing healthy food is not an easy task. This task becomes even more difficult when it comes to choosing healthy snacks. Everyone is attempted to grab a piece of cake from a backery, a bar of chocolate or get something from fast food restaurants that most of the time are not able to offer very healthy options.

The main purpose of snacks is to keep you full in between your main meals. This means that snacks have to be nutritious. Besides, junk food only keeps you full for a while and very soon you want to eat again. Basically, you should stay away from simple carbohydrates such as bars of candies and reach for complex carbohydrates, like cereals or whole grain breads. Protein rich food is also a good option for snacks, so you will not make a mistake by choosing yogurt or cheese. Just don’t forget that they have to be low in fats.

You might say that this kind of snacks is not that easy to get as, for example, fast food restaurants are everywhere and it takes just couple of minutes to buy food there. But how to get healthy snacks? The answer is simple, you should prepare snacks and carry them with you. Make a habit to always have some fruit with you, whole-grain crackers or any other healthy food you like.

Another important thing is to make sure you are really hungry before reaching for some snack. Maybe you are just thirsty? This is especially important in the evenings. When you get back home, you are usually tired and try to recover by eating. Pick the snacks only to fill the hunger gap but not to make yourself occupied.

Remember that people who eat regular meals and have healthy snacks in between them will not overeat and they are less likely to gain extra weight. Just choose the right snacks and the right portions of them.


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