What do you know about prebiotics and probiotics?

What do you know about prebiotics and probiotics?

For the last years you have probably heard these words very often. But do you know what prebiotics and probiotics actually are? Do they actually help to cure gastrointestinal diseases as they say in the commercials of yogurts?

Did you know that approximately 2-3 kilos of healthy adult body consists of microorganisms which we need to take care of? Daily stress, inactivity, poor diet, etc. have negative effects on these microorganisms so sometimes we need extra support. And here we have prebiotics and probiotics.

Probiotics contain microorganisms that are beneficial to our intestines (symbiotic bacteria). Prebiotics do not have bacteria. However, they provide good conditions for existence of bacteria and feed them. Prebiotics are composed from oligosaccharide prebiotics, enzymes, acids and other substances that provide natural microflora medium where microorganisms are good to grow. Both prebiotics and probiotics are commonly used to strengthen or restore our body.

Probiotic bacteria are fighting against harmful microorganisms straight when they are introduced into intestines. These good bacteria take all the space and don’t leave any for pests. Probiotic bacteria change pH in your intestines causing acidity and in this medium harmful bacteria simply cannot survive.

Benefits of probiotics to our body:

• Support natural balance of microflora

• Strengthen the immune

• Break down nutrients as promoting digestion

• Help to remove toxic materials

• Help to produce B group vitamins.



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