What do your nails say about your health?

What do your nails say about your health?

According to doctors, our health can be described after looking at our nails. Such things as their color, surface or the speed of growth will provide much useful information about it.

Color: healthy nails have a pleasant shade of pink. Unnatural yellow color informs us about unhealthy liver, bright red says that it’s time to check the blood because there may be too many red blood cells there, soft blue color of the nail announces heart problems. If the nail color has turned into white, it could be the start of the anemia. Moreover, yellow nails are common to those who haven’t said goodbye to cigarettes. This is often a direct result of this habit.

Grooves: announce about poor nutrition or chronic illnesses. It may also mean a lack of vitamin PP (niacin), which is connected to gastrointestinal tract and nervous system activity. You can get this microelement from the grain bread, steamed meat, legumes or buckwheat.
White spots: they mostly indicate the presence of calcium deficiency. So, in order to get rid of them, you should pay some attention to your menu and include dairy products, apricots, shrimps, cucumbers and seaweed. In addition, visit your gynecologist because white spots may be caused by hormonal disturbances.

Slow growth: it may be a consequence of chronic stress. Stress is experienced throughout the body, so our nails also react. In addition, do nourishing masks, apply the cream, use nail products to fasten the growth. Nail growth may also slow down because of the aging and cold weather – that’s why nails grow more slowly in the cold season. You can improve your nails with products containing gelatin which will provide many valuable trace elements that are useful not only for nails but also for blood vessels and bone tissue. So, treat yourself with marmalade and other desserts containing agar.


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