What doesn’t let you lose weight?

What doesn’t let you lose weight?

Inadequate calorie counting. Let’s assume you have a diet that allows you to consume 1200 calories per day. Most of us count every single calories that is on the plate if we are on diet but we often forget counting sugar in our coffee or tea or some snack that we have in between our main meals. So by the end of the day it turns out that we eat 500-700 calories more than we should.

Overestimating our physical activities. Many women think that they burn much more calories than they actually do. They let themselves to eat believing that they will burn it later working out, walking, etc. Actually it’s not that easy to burn even 50 calories.

Skipping meals. Some people think that skipping their breakfast is the best way to lose weight. However, they destroy their metabolism this way. Besides, these people tend to eat more on the second part of the say. Have in mind that burning the calories that you received at the second part of the day is much more difficult than the ones that you got in the morning. Make sure you eat your breakfast every morning.

Lack of sleep. The researchers have proved that a lack of sleep encourages getting weight. Besides, if you don’t sleep you are probably eating at that time.



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