What food leads to a better mood?

What food leads to a better mood?

If you feel irritated and disappointed, you should look at your diet and foods you choose, because human’s mood sensitively depends on what he eats. Here some recommendations to feel happier with a help of the food:

Eat products that are high in fiber
Think about whether the cause of your depressive feelings is not the slag accumulated in the body. Try to eat more cabbage, carrots, beets, apples or dried fruit because raw vegetables and fruit are rich in
fiber that improves digestion. Don’t forget that you should also get vitamins B1, B6, B12 and calcium together with your food. Do not cut of the buckwheat porridge, chicken or beef liver, Parmesan cheese.

Serotonin – the source of good mood
When suffering from depression, it seems that the world is cruel for you. However, it may be that your body lacks of serotonin – hormone of happiness. It is produced by carbohydrates, so eat healthy products rich in them – wholemeal bread, bananas or even a bar of chocolate. Fish dishes will also help you to combat depression, but to be the best helper has been considered vitamins C and B 6, so do not forget onions and rose tea.

Eat properly and regularly
If you are suffering from frequent migraine attacks, that may be initiated by a strict diet or irregular eating. In most cases, headaches are caused by glucose level in the blood which becomes less than required. To solve this problem, try green tea with honey, chocolate, bananas, kiwi. Salty, oily semi-finished or fried products – chips, crisps, cakes – are not recommended.

Overcome insomnia
If you suffer from insomnia, think whether mental stress is not the cause. With mental stress, your body burns reserves of vitamin B, C, potassium and magnesium that are closely connected to anxiety and insomnia. Before you go to bed, drink milk with honey, eat some prunes. It’s also recommended avoiding anything that stimulates nervous system, like citrus fruits or coffee.


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