What is Myopia?

What is Myopia?

Myopia – is the refractive eye impairment, which results in poor visibility of the distant objects. A person who has no problems with his eyes clearly sees the objects from the 60 meters, while a person who suffers from myopia can see only those objects that are near. Depending on the stage of this problem, objects can appear blurry or even merged. However, patients suffering from myopia can clearly see the objects that are near.

Myopia can be classified into two types: higher myopia and school myopia. School myopia affects children of the school-age and progresses during their puberty. In addition, after the puberty progression should stop. If myopia is determined by eye pathology, visual acuity continues to decrease and may lead into such situation when glasses are no longer helpful.

As soon as you notice that your vision capability decreased, you should immediately contact your eye doctor, optician. Firstly, your eye doctor should examine visual acuity (the patient is studied by showing him the tables from four meters) which will show degree of myopia.

Treatment of myopia is quite simple – it can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. After finding out the degree of myopia, optician should also recommend vasodilator, tissue-enhancing drugs and calcium preparations. Serious myopia cases can be treated surgically. Operation is usually performed with a help of laser which removes a layer of the cornea. It can’t be done for children under 18 years old and for those who suffer from diabetes.


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