What kills the thirst?

What kills the thirst?

In the time summer, when we are surrounded by heat and direct sunlight, all of us share a commonsense and it‘s a thirst. Well, those who are on vacation and can stay in water all day long find no difficulty. However, those who have to go to their work, dehydration, seems to be inevitable. What to drink to prevent drying out?

Probably the best drink is a mineral water. It not only helps in coping with thirst, but also increases our body’s mineral “reserves.” Healthy people can choose sparkling mineral water, but only those who don‘t have problems with gastritis. However, there is no point of being scared of carbonated water – carbon dioxide, which is normally used for making sparkling mineral water, is no stranger chemical compound for our body and it certainly does not cause cellulite, as it is commonly believed.

If you like juice, note that some of them, like orange, grapefruit, pineapple or lemon are not suitable for people suffering from digestive system diseases, because they can irritate the stomach (especially if there is an increased acidity). However, you should avoid treating yourself with sweet soft drinks. In this case it is better to choose a natural mineral water. Therefore, patients with any disease should remember their doctor recommendations before drinking something while healthy people are recommended to read the label if they want to know what they consume.

Finally, if you ask for the best thirst killer recipe, you must keep in mind that the best way to relieve your thirst is drinking plain water enriched with lemon juice, carbonated mineral water or juice with water. Besides, security experts highly recommend avoiding energy drinks that are filled up with caffeine and glucose. They are useless in killing the thirst and should also be replaced with water.


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