What makes your hand cream irreplaceable?

What makes your hand cream irreplaceable?

World’s chemical industry uses countless number of cosmetic products in producing of hand creams. The question is which substances are the best and the most effective. Hands are particularly affected by various environmental factors – temperature, humidity or chemical contamination, so they need care and protection. Hand creams not only reduce skin irritation and redness, but also moisturize the skin, help in healing wounds and bruises.

Creams mostly contain fat (glycerol), fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, D, F), and other biologically active substances (D-panthenol, lecithin), offset by certain acids. We will compare the most popular ingredients and their effectiveness.

D-panthenol. Moisturizes the skin, treats inflammation and promotes skin renewal processes.

Lecithin (soy). Mostly effective for dry skin as it moisturizes, softens and helps to absorb other substances.

Glycerin. Used as a moisturizer component, glycerin softens the skin.

Lanolin (sheep wool wax). In comparison, it is very similar to human’s skin, so hands will absorb such cream easier and additionally will be enriched by other biologically active components.

Apple acid. Firms, whitens and moisturizes the skin. It contains lots of natural fruit acids that will help for skin to recover naturally, stops the formation of wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid. It’s the main component of skin tissue used as an effective agent of required content of the skin moisture.

Shea butter. One of the most effective ways to feed, moisturize and protect the skin. This material fastens skin cell regeneration, improves skin elasticity, it is especially valuable for irritated or damaged skin of your hands.

Vitamin A. Antioxidant that protects the skin from inflammation. It also strengthens nails.

Vitamin E. Antioxidant that prevents aging and inflammation, improves the appearance of the hand skin and formation of wrinkles.

Vitamin F. Strengthens skin’s protective layer that softens the skin and locks its moisture.

Vitamin C. Antioxidant that enhances skin’s immunity and tones it.

Aloe (aloe) extract. It soothes irritated skin, has antibacterial properties, improves elimination of toxins.

Extract of linden blossoms. Strengthens skin tissues and helps it to absorb the missing materials. This is a great tool for a wrinkled and damaged hand skin.

Propolis extract. This biologically active substance is very useful for hand skin. It is a natural product with a strong regeneration effect.

Wheat extract. Helps to recover your skin, protects it from environmental pollution, maintains its natural moisture, softens and soothes.

Honey extract. Hydrates, provides elasticity and disinfects.

Calendula extract. Tones, promotes its renewal and improves blood circulation.

Chamomile extract. Stops inflammation, allergy reactions and promotes skin healing. Softens, cleanses the skin, and stimulates skin regeneration.

Tea Tree Oil. Characterized as anti-virus and therapeutic material, it cleans and disinfects the skin of the hands.

Castor oil. Used in cosmetics for softening the skin.

Soybean oil. Tightens skin and moisturizes hands.


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