What products fit with coffee?

What products fit with coffee?

A cup of coffee in the afternoon is a special moment of the day. But what snacks should we choose to make this moment special and healthy for our bodies? Different products can have different effect on our body while having them together with coffee.

Coffee and dried apricots. It’s an ideal combination to improve our heart function, especially during the heat.

Snacks with salt. Salt cleans the lymph system after a cup of coffee.

Nuts. The only snack recommended with coffee that contains fat. Unlike dairy products nuts don’t subject to gaining weight.

Fresh juice helps to combat swelling of various parts of body. Coffee strengthens this effect.

Dried figs and dates and a cup of coffee improves digestive system.

Melted ice water or mineral water is also an excellent supplement. The structure of melted water activates the entire human body. In addition, water enhances the taste of coffee. Melted ice and coffee are used for some cleansing and weight-loss programs.

Coffee with alcohol?

Coffee with wine. The philosophy and culture of coffee are very close to wine’s culture. However, their tastes are completely out of kilter to one another. This duo can harm your stomach too.

Coffee and brandy is an ideal combination. Tannin acid that is included into brandy expand blood vessels while caffeine reduces them. So these drinks neutralize each other.

Coffee and liqueur.  Not recommended combination. Alcohol with sugar and hot drinks may be too relaxing and make you feel drunk very quickly.


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