What should we know when washing fruits and vegetables

What should we know when washing fruits and vegetables

Different fruits and vegetables should be washed in a different way – ones should be poured over with some water, others – soaked in it or even washed with soap and water. That should be done because almost all fruits and vegetables that are bought in the supermarket are treated with chemicals in order to make them look prettier and more attractive. However, chemicals are not useful for the human’s body and may even lead it to serious allergic reaction or even intoxication.

In order to know how should you wash one or other fruit/vegetable, experts firstly advise to find out the category of a particular fruit or vegetable and its correct washing way:

Fruits and vegetables with a thin, edible rind (this category includes apples, peaches, tomatoes, peppers) should be washed under running water for 30-60 seconds. If you want to be sure that there are no unnecessary chemicals left, you can additionally rub the fruit/vegetable with the rough cloth. Cleaning procedure will be complete if you pour some boiling water over your fruit.

Fruits and vegetables with a thick rind (this category includes melons, oranges and bananas) should also be washed carefully, no matter that we don’t eat the rind and simply peel it off. The experts explain why: thick rind is covered with microbes that can easily get on the fruit through the fingers. Keep in mind that there may about 20 people who have touched this fruit or vegetable before you eat it! So, use a brush and wash the fruit/vegetable for 30-60 seconds under running water.

Berries should firstly be picked off from their stems that may be helping them to hide the dirt. Additionally, add them to a bowl and wash under running water for about 60 seconds. After washing them, let them drain on the paper towel to get rid of the excess of the moisture – this will prevent microbes and bacteria. 


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