What should you know about dark spots?

What should you know about dark spots?

We don’t find any happiness when we see dark pigment spots appearing on our hands, face and body. The reason of their appearance is very simple – it’s just a way how our body tries to protect the skin from the sun and because of that it activates the production of melanin. However, if you have been thinking that sun should be blamed for their appearance, you must know that the latest medical researches show that pigmentation may also occur due to the injury, trauma, insect bites, incorrect cosmetic procedures and even because of hormonal changes.

As it has been already mentioned, pigment spots can be caused by numerous factors. However, they show up only for people who belong to II-III skin phototype, what means have fair skin, blue eyes and burn easily. The lucky ones are those who never burn and can get a beautiful tan really fast – after spending some hours under the sun. If dark spots occur on the mid-face, you should pay attention to stomach problems, near the eyes – thyroid diseases, symmetrical spots on the cheeks, forehead and nose mean hormonal imbalance in the body.

Many dark spots disappear spontaneously, without any additional procedures. However, there are situations when pigment remains on the surface of the skin, like after sunburns. Then, you should ask for a help for your beautician. If you have decided to get rid of dark spots at home, here’s what you must know:

* Exfoliate your skin or use masks including arnica, Vitamin C, various whitening herbal extracts and other materials.

* Use serums and creams that have whitening effect, possibly an SPF moisturizer. Serum will get into the deeper layers of the skin and will help you to destroy the melanin molecules.

* Use the products with SPF 15 in winter, while SPF 30-40 in summer.


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