What should you know before starting yoga?

What should you know before starting yoga?

For many people yoga is something extraordinary. However, it’s nothing mystical. Yoga is a combination of mental, physical and spiritual practices. The word “yoga” has many meanings. It can be translated as union or harmony. It is a great opportunity to be in harmony with yourself and to learn to listen to the world.

The secret of yoga’s popularity lies in its efficiency. It is believed that human body is made up of five main levels: physical body, body of energy, body of mind, body of intuition, and body of happiness. The technique of yoga affects all five segments of human being.

The most important things in yoga are breathing, relaxation and physical exercises. Many people who practice yoga for years claim that it is the best help fighting against stress and exhaustion.

If you decide to practice yoga, make sure to choose confortable clothes that wouldn’t restrict your movement. Uncomfortable clothes can become the main reason why you cannot complete some exercises. The best clothes for yoga are T-shirts without sleeves, leggings or shorts. If possible, choose natural fabrics.


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