What to do if you constantly suffer from leg cramps?

What to do if you constantly suffer from leg cramps?

Sometimes pains seems just irrelevant and we suffer for years just to avoid going to doctor. Leg cramps are usually something that we don’t give much attention to. However, that happens only because we don’t know the consequences we can come up later.

One time leg cramps are not dangerous. However, if they repeat, especially when we are sleeping or relaxing, we shouldn’t close our eyes for this. This is one of the symptoms of varicose veins. Most of us think that if we have a risk of getting varicose veins we should have visible veins. That is not true. Sometimes our legs can look completely ok, but leg cramps can be a symptom we should do everything to prevent this disease.

Varicose veins can be more dangerous than anybody could imagine. When veins deform, blood flows slower and sometimes freezes that can lead to formation of blood clots. If the clot moves to lungs, the consequences can be very bad. Remember that varicose veins can be treated, but you have to take actions on time.

Varicose veins do not occur overnight. Vascular walls change gradually, so you have time to stop this disease. Few more symptoms in the early age of varicose veins are tiredness in your legs and appearance of tiny blood vessels. Take the following preventive measures if you notices any of these symptoms:

• If you have to stay standing for more than 4 hours every day, every 15-50 minutes try to move your weight to one leg then on the other in order to allow your legs to rest.

• If you work in the office and have to sit for more than 7 hours, every hour go walking for 5 minutes.

• Women should remember that shoes that have a heel higher than 6 centimeters can be worn only for 3 hours every day.

• Cold water strengthens vein walls. Make sure you have a cool shower every day.

• Extra weight also damages our veins, so you should lose weight if you are overweight.

• Cigarettes and alcohol are the biggest enemies of our veins.



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