What to include in your travel kit?

What to include in your travel kit?

Holiday changes our environment, diet, activeness and initiates more health risk as well. In order to save the holiday mood and good time spend with family or your friends, prepare the travel kit for those health problems:

Digestive disorders. Dry snacks or exotic dishes tasted on holiday may initiate digestive disorders: your stomach may fail to work, you may start suffering from the heartburn and diarrhea. In these cases you
must have the digestive enzymes that enhance the work of the stomach, increase gastric acidity, bloating, constipation and diarrhea.


Cold. Sometimes various colds are initiated by weather changes, so it would be useful including some herbal teas into your travel kit. If you feel the symptoms of a cold, look for the medicine from the sore
throat, fever, runny nose, cough. It is advisable to have anti-herpes drugs as well.


Pain and inflammation. When traveling, people sometimes are attacked by unexpected pain in teeth, ears or other parts of the body. In order to relieve this pain and inflammation, you should try taking analgesics.


Allergies and insect bites. Allergic people should have to take the pills against allergy with them to reduce the itching and rash. Those who are allergic to insect bites should be concerned with adrenaline as well.


Injuries. When you spend your holiday actively, there is risk of various injury, so include bandages, plasters, wound healing promoting oils and refrigerating compresses into your travel kit.


Nausea during the trip. When traveling by plane or boat, many of adults and children start feeling sick. To prevent nausea, you should eat a few slices of lemon, mint lollipops, chewing gum or ginger tablets.


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